Bulk Orders and Volume Discounts

Bulk Orders and Volume Discounts

Bulk Orders

What is a bulk order?

Any order with 25 pieces or more with the same design is a bulk order. If flex, flock or digital printing is selected, the shirt styles and colors can be mixed as along as the design is the same. For screen printed orders, the shirt style and color have to remain the same or additional costs will be incurred for extra screens.

What needs to be done to receive a quote?

In order to receive a bulk quote the following information is needed:
1. Product(s) desired (broken down by color and size)
2. Quantity needed
3. Artwork file in either ai, eps, or jpeg format or relevant information regarding what design or text should look like or read as on products
4. Placement of design/text, size of design and color selection desired in design
5. Print type selection
6. Expected due date

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How quickly can I receive my bulk order?

Typical turnaround time for bulk orders is 2 weeks. (All orders during October-December may require 3 weeks.) If you require your order to be received sooner, express production and shipping are available at an extra cost. (Costs are determined based on size of order and shipping location.)

Volume Discounts

What is a volume discount?

Any order that exceeds a particular dollar amount. It can be any quantity, color or style of standard selection shirts or any quantity, color or style of custom designed shirts or a combination of both. Simple?

The following volume discounts are:
$200.00 – 5.00%
$500.00 – 7.50%
$750.00 – 10.0%

How do I get my discount?

Orders are placed thru this website just as a regular order would be. The volume discount is AUTOMATICALLY deducted when going thru the check out process. How cool is that?